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Equilibrium Equi-Chaps Hardy Chaps

Equilibrium Equi-Chaps Hardy Chaps

Equi-Chaps Hardy Chaps are designed to help prevent leg injuries during turn-out, which is ideal for young, boisterous or accident prone horses.

Price: £44.99

• Tough and durable turnout boots 1 Year Guarantee
• Helps to keep legs warm and dry
• Made from a tough 7mm neoprene
• Abrasion-resistant outer for injury protection
• Extend from below the knee or hock to over the hoof and heel for superb protection from injury
• Available in five sizes for the perfect fit
• Can be worn on front & hind legs
• Easy to wash, quick to dry
• Limit use in hot weather to prevent overheating legs
• Supplied in Pairs

he Equi-Chaps range is designed to provide a simple solution to improve the horse s welfare throughout the winter months. Hardy Chaps turnout boots protect the leg from knee/hock to heel and can be worn on both front and hind legs.

The 7mm neoprene, lined on the outside with a textured fabric and with nylon on the inside, is tough on the outside and comfortable on the inside protecting your horse from potential injury. The material is fast drying so they are easy to wash mud off and dry for the following day.

As they help keep legs warm and dry they are ideal for older horses or those with ringbone or arthritis.

The touch and close straps make them secure even around the fetlock joint and they come in an array of sizes to suit the smallest of ponies and the largest of horses.

They are perfect for wet or muddy conditions during turnout.