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Premier Equine Turnout Boots

Premier Equine Turnout Boots

Premier Equine Turnout boots provide support and protection during turnout; made with Airtech Neoprene they allow air to flow to keep horses cooler.

Price: £36.00

• Tendon and Fetlock support
• Suspensory support
• Ligament support
• Provide protection and support
• Made from comfortable Airtech Neoprene to allow airflow
• Improved stitching
• Soft amara binding for extra comfort

Premier Equine Turnout Boots provide support and protection during turnout, helping to reduce the risk of injury to lower legs. They can also be used to help prevent the onset of Mud Fever, protecting the legs from wet and muddy conditions.

The Airtech foam developed by Premier Equine helps to keep horses legs cool by allowing airflow around the joints and tendons.

The improved stitching make the boots more durable for the demands of turnout with the soft amara binding offering extra comfort for the horse.

Size guide:
13.3hh - 14.4hh = Small
15.0hh - 16.2hh = Medium
16.3hh - 17.3hh = Large