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NAF Electro Salts

NAF Electro Salts

NAF Electro Salts are formulated to replace salts lost as a result of exertion and during hot weather.

Price: £19.95

• Essential plasma salts
• Dextrose to aid absorption
• Can be put into feed or dissolved in water

NAF Electro Salts contain essential plasma salts to replace essential body salts lost when sweating. Horses not only lose fluids when they sweat but also essential body salts such as sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium known as electrolytes. Failure to replace these can result in fatigue or even damage to muscle, bone and cartilage tissue in extreme cases.

Electro Salts also contain dextrose to aid in efficient absorption of the salts. It can be put into feed or easily dissolved in water. Always ensure a supply of clean fresh drinking water is readily available.

Ingredients: Sodium chloride, Potassium chloride, Magnesium carbonate, Calcium lactate, MSM, Dextrose, White mineral oil.

Feeding Instructions:
Give in wet feed or dissolve in drinking water. Ideally give with lukewarm water to encourage drinking. Do not feed without adequate water.
Horses maintenance 30g/day, loading 60g/day. Ponies 15g/day, loading 45g/day.

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