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Equine America Apple Lytes 1.8kg

Equine America Apple Lytes

Apple Lytes contain a balance of salt minerals for to support electrolyte levels in hard working horses, in an easy to use and palatable granulated supplement

Price: £16.50

o Electrolyte granules
o Palatable apple flavour
o Replaces lost minerals after strenuous exercise
o Balance of sodium, potassium and calcium
o Can be offered in drinking water or feed
o Restores electrolyte levels in hard working horses
o Can be fed daily if required
As horses work and sweat they lose vital electrolytes and mineral salts. At low levels these can be replaced with Sodium Chloride (salt) but, if the horse is in medium to hard work and sweating on a daily basis, an electrolyte supplement must be provided. Without electrolytes, the horse will feel lethargic, and a continuation of this loss is highly detrimental to the horse's health. Apple Lytes is a salt based product, which contains a balance of the mineral salts that are required for controlling fluid levels in the body and other important functions. It can be added to the feed on a daily basis for horses in regular hard work, as well as before and after competition during high level competition and endurance events (not exceeding maximum amounts). Apple Lytes is also available in a handy syringe for instant replenishment of electrolytes. The palatable apple flavour helps to encourage horses and ponies to drink and take the electrolytes. This complementary supplement is easy to feed, simply add the correct amount to your horse's drinking water or mix into feed. Do not offer electrolytes without sufficient water and do not offer electrolytes to a dehydrated horse, always allow a sufficient intake of water before offering electrolytes, as failure to this will lead to further dehydration and serious health complications. The correct balance of sodium, potassium and calcium in Equine America Apple Lytes ensures your horse is receiving all the nutrients that are lost through heavy sweating, in the right amounts.

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