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Net-tex Maintenance Powder

Nettex Fast Electro-Recovery

Fast Electro-Recovery is a fast acting liquid that has been electrolyte formulated with bioavailable minerals and salts to aid against dehydration.

Price: £12.59

Fast Electro-Recovery is an advanced formula that helps maintain the natural balance of your horse's body fluids.

It is a pre and post working liquid electrolyte that has been formulated to replace electrolytes and trace elements that are lost by your horse doing heavy work or even competition.

Delivered with fast and bioavailable compounds, trace elements of Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc and Copper have been carefully selected to provide immediate absorption.

Ribose is proven to increase energy recovery considerably. Ribose is an important building block for the production of ATP - 'the energy molecule within the muscle. This allows for greater energy production and help prevent muscle stiffness after exercise.
BUILDING UP AN ELECTROLYTE RESERVE: Feeding Electro-Recovery prior to work and competition on a daily basis increases the temporary accumulation of electrolytes and water to improve the water balance of your horse during subsequent exercise.
Contains no banned substances. A dietetic feeding product for horses to compensate for electrolyte loss in case of heavy sweating.