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Gold Label Biotin Plus

Gold Label Biotin Plus

This hoof supplement from Gold Label has a higher potency than just Biotin alone as it contains Zinc making it easier to absorb.

Price: £14.34

When your horses hooves need help to improve their strength, feed Biotin Plus. Biotin and Zinc Methionine are the main ingredients of this product in a powder form, zinc will help with the absorption of the Biotin. Zinc can also help with any zinc deficiencies, zinc being an essential mineral that is required by the body.It should be used from between one and three months for its benefits to be seen. 15mgm of Biotin is recommended as the amount required and Biotin Plus will provide this amount if fed daily at 30g.

Wheat Bran, Biotin Premix, Zinc Methionine.

Analysis:- Crude Oil 4.55%, Crude Protein 21.1%, Crude Fibre 19%, Crude Ash 11.2%, Calcium 745ppm, Phosphorus 6469ppm, Sodium 235ppm. Additive Zinc Methionine 18825mg/kg