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Heavy Duty Tread-in Post
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Gallagher electric fencing promotion

Gallagher Electric Fencing Promotion

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Gallagher Vario Heavy Duty Tread-in Post

Gallagher electric fencing promotion

Gallagher Heavy Duty Tread-in Fence Post are very sturdy and durable, suitable for all sorts of polywire and tape.

Price: £18.50

• 9 lugs to hold wire or tape
• Suitable for wire or tape up to 20mm
• Pack of 10
• Tread-in design
• Height of post 1m
• Maximum height of fence 0.85m
• Suitable for use with cattle, sheep and goats

This heavy duty, plastic fence post has multiple lug positions for varying wire heights to suit all types of animals. The vario posts unique twist & lock design ensures easy fence wire attachment and is suitable for plastic wire and tape up to 20mm. Maximum fence wire height is 0.85 metre.

Pack of 10.

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