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Lunnun Breeder Pack Meadow Hay

Lunnun Dust Free Meadow Hay - Breeder Pack

Lunnun Meadow Hay is grown in the English countryside, dried and packaged to retain the delicious fresh natural scent creating the perfect feed or bedding.

Price: £9.18

• Superior quality
• Fresh and delicious scent
• Compressed sealed bag - easy transportation
• Cut to short and convenient length
• Suitable for feed or bedding
• Great value large breeder pack
• Grown in the UK

Lunnun Meadow Hay has been cut and compressed into packaging that is easy to carry and store, for convenience and to retain the delicious natural freshly cut scent. It is cut to a shorter length that is suitable for small animals and is grown in the UK to ensure superior quality and freshness.

This great value breeder pack is ideal for small animal breeders and also pet owners who have a few rabbits or guinea pigs for better value.

Meadow hay for many small animals can be used as either a feed or bedding, adding essential fibre to their diet or to create a warm and soft bed. If using as a feed it is best to serve in a hay rack to prevent the hay from being soiled.
If using as a bedding spread an even layer over the bottom of the cage, creating a soft and comfortable bed. Do not use as a bedding for hamsters or gerbils as it can damage the pouches in the mouth.

They also use the latest technology to remove debris, stones and extract dust from the Meadow Hay to create a natural product that is perfect for small animals as either a feed or bedding.

Whilst every effort is made to remove all debris from the Meadow Hay it is impossible to remove everything at all times due to it being a natural product.