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Lincoln Valerian Cordial

Lincoln Valerian Cordial

Lincoln Valerian Cordial is a palatable linseed oil based calming supplement, made with natural Valerian; known for its calming effects.

Price: £14.11

• Palatable linseed oil based natural Valerian supplement
• Calming effects for nervous or excitable horses
• Easy to feed liquid
• Not permitted for use in competitions

Valerian is a natural plant sourced calming ingredient used to help relax over excitable and nervous horses. Valerian helps to relax and balance the nervous system allowing your horse to relax their muscles and react in a more calm and collected way. Valerian often results in a laid back almost sedated appearance in your horse, making them less responsive in normal environmentally stressful situations such as clipping or a new environment.

Lincoln Valerian Cordial is a Linseed oil based Valerian supplement made with good levels of natural Valerian to achieve calming results.

The liquid supplement is very palatable for your horse; add to their regular hard feed as per the feeding guidelines.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Valerian is no longer permitted for use in competitions, do NOT use if competing under FEI rules or the Jockey Club.

Keep your Lincoln Valerian Cordial well soaked and in a cool place away from direct sunlight and heat sources. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN.

Feeding guidelines: Add 2 teaspoons daily in the feed