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1L TTO Lotion

OzOil Tea Tree Lotion

Tea Tree Lotion can be used for helping to heal wounds and is ideal for horses and ponies who suffer from Sweetitch.

Price: £11.14

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• Quickly and easily absorbed
• Naturally cleans the wound
• Effective insect repellent
• Soothing tea tree
• Easy to use

This high quality Tea Tree Oil Lotion will penetrate deep into a wound and help to clean it naturally without harming the healthy tissue. An effective insect repellent, OzOil Tee Tree Lotion can be used both on you and your horse with added cleansing and soothing benefits.

This smooth lotion is easy to use and quickly absorbed. OzOil Tea Tree Lotion can be applied to horses and ponies that suffer from Sweetitch, mud fever or ringworm to promote healing and provide relief.

Directions for use:
Shake the bottle well before use and apply to the coat, massage well and leave to dry. For external use only. Use as often as required.

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