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Global Herbs Sarc-Ex

Global Herbs Sarc-Ex

Global Herbs Sarc-Ex is a natural supplement that helps to support digestion and your horse's immune system to effectively improve skin concerns.

Price: £31.60

• Boosts your horse's immune system
• Has calming effect to relax your horse
• Supports healthy and efficient digestion
• Echinacea Free product
• Contains quality natural ingredients
• Highly effective in a large number of horses

Global Herbs Sarc-Ex is an effective supplement used to help support the body's natural defences, which in turn helps to improve skin concerns. The natural ingredients support the digestive system, where many of the body's natural defences are, for better protection and resilience against microorganisms and abnormalities.

Sarc-Ex provides essential nutrients to allow the body to fight any abnormalities, working with your horse's body to fight infection.
It also contains antioxidants and calming ingredients, which help to relax your horse, further benefiting the immune system.

The cause of many skin complaints is not always completely clear but many are caused by insect bites combined with a weakness in the horse's natural defences, which leads to the development of unpleasant skin conditions. Global Herbs have developed Sarc-Ex to work with your horse's body to improve natural defences, support healthy digestion and promote great overall health and wellbeing.

Many horses have great results with Sarc-Ex and Global Herbs have a number of testimonials from very happy owners. When using Sarc-Ex many owners find cuts and minor injuries will resolve more quickly, due to improved immunity.

Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight, replace lid after use.