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NAF Linseed Oil

NAF Linseed Oil

NAF Linseed Oil is a conditioning supplement to be added to your horse's feed promoting condition and a healthy coat.

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• Promotes a healthy shiny coat
• Aids in maintaining good condition
• Pure 100% cold pressed oil - free from any additives and solvents
• Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids
• Suitable for a wide range of horse and ponies

NAF Linseed Oil is 100% pure cold pressed oil with no additives or potentially harmful solvents used in the extraction process. The cold pressing also helps to maintain all of the oils nutritional values; heating or cooking can remove some of the naturally healthy benefits found in oil.

Linseed Oil is great for promoting a beautiful natural shine to your horse's coat and aids in maintaining good condition. Feeding Linseed oil to your horses will help you to achieve a healthy shine from within.

Linseed Oil is high in Omega 3 fatty acids that are great for the skin and coat, promoting brilliant overall condition. Omega oils have many benefits including supporting digestive health, coat and hoof condition and even aiding in joint health too!

Linseed Oil can be fed to most horses or ponies, with its natural health
benefits can really aid in great condition and the health of your horse.

NAF Linseed Oil comes in a large 5 Litre bottle for economy and value for money.
Feeding rate: Horses and ponies feed between 15-45ml a day depending on weight and size.