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Saddle Mate from Stubbs

Stubbs Saddle Mate

Stubbs Saddle Mate is a handy way to carry your saddle, allowing you to store grooming tools and other small items underneath.

Price: From £42.30

Key features:

• Easy to carry
• Store grooming kit and other items in the base
• Can be used anywhere from the car to the stables or tack room.
• Keeps your saddle in the correct shape
• Different colours available

The Stubbs Saddle Mate is a handy way to carry about and store your saddle. You can also store other small items underneath the saddle mate, grooming kit, head collar or other necessary items, saving you extra journeys fetching other items.
Saddle Mates are perfect for placing your saddle on whilst you tack up your horse, instead of needing to place the saddle on the stable door or even the floor, you could bring along the saddle mate to keep your saddle nearby and safe.

You can use the saddle mate in the car, at the stables or in the tack room, anywhere you need to store your saddle. The saddle mate is ideal for transportation being portable and lightweight, as well as a place to put your saddle to keep it in shape. It is important to keep your saddle in the right shape to keep it comfortable for your horse and store it correctly to prevent damage.

The Saddle Mate is a saddle holder and handy storage place in one, made from strong plastic in a stubbythene moulding, designed to last.

The Stubbs Saddle Mate comes in a range of colours.