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NAF Pink Powder Senior

NAF Pink Powder Senior

Pink Powder Senior will help to balance the diet of the older horse in aiding his digestive system.

Price: From £26.25

• Formulated for older horses and ponies
• Naturally sourced antioxidants
• Pre and probiotics for digestive health
• Balances the diet
• Promotes overall health and wellbeing
• Helps older horses stay active
• Palatable and easy to feed

This supplement from NAF is designed especially for the older horse. It will help to support him in an active life. The probiotics in this product support the gut and allow the horse to get the most from his feed. There are added vitamins and minerals for all round health as well as nutrients for support of his joint health as well. It can be fed to the older horse or pony whether there are signs of his age or not.

Directions for use:
Add to daily feed when the diet of the older horse needs balancing with micronutrients. Includes key gut, joint and herbal support to maintain condition, mobility, vitality and spark in older horses and ponies.

Horses concentrated use - feed 40g per day
Horses Maintenance - feed 30g per day
Ponies concentrated use - feed 30g per day
Ponies Maintenance use - feed 20g per day

Composition: Wheat feed, Maize, Calcium carbonate, Brewers' yeast, Ginkgo leaves, Ginseng (Siberian), Glucosamine (from crustaceans) , Methyl sulphonyl methane, Dicalcium phosphate, Beetroot juice, Rapeseed oil, Maltodextrin, Whey protein powder, Sodium chloride, Fructo-oligosaccharides, Rosehip shells, Carrot (dried), Wheat protein, Whey powder, Magnesium oxide.