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Super Molichop Original

Super Molichop Original

Super Molichop Original is a quality chopped fibre feed ideal for bulking out feeds and extending feeding time, supplied in a convenient bag.

Price: £6.90

• Chopped Fibre
• Ready to use
• Light palatable coating
• Increases feeding time
• Reduces boredom
• Consistent quality
• Ideal for bulking out feeds

This tasty chop is very convenient and ideal for using to bulk out feeds and increase chewing time. Super Molichop Original is ready to serve and easy to use straight out of the bag. It is made to a consistent quality recipe with a highly palatable light coating that will appeal to many horses and ponies, even those that are a little fussy. Add it to your horse's regular feed to increase feeding time and add fibre to his diet.

Feeding Super Molichop Original helps to reduce boredom and can be fed to horses ad-lib if required.It is not recommended for horses who tend to get overweight or are prone to laminitis, use Molichop Lite instead.

Suggested % Forage: Concentrate Ration
Light work - 75% Forage : 25% Concentrate
Medium work - 60-70% Forage : 40-30% Concentrate
Hard work - 50% Forage : 50% Concentrate

Nutritional Analysis:
Oil - 0.5%
Protein - 6.5%
Fibre - 15.0%
Ash - 22.0%
Digestible Energy - 8.0mj/kg