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Effax Leather Balm
Effax Leather Balm
Effax Leather Balm

Effax Leather-Balm

This Leather Balm from the Effax range of leather cleaning products will give your leather a brilliant shine, keeping it soft and supple.

Price: £10.01

• Soft leather balm
• Nourishing Lanolin and Avacado Oil
• Added Beeswax for a glossy finish
• Suitable for all smooth leather riding equipment
• Can be used on motorcycle leathers, boots, gloves, furniture, clothing
• Easy to apply with a pleasant smell

The Effax Leather Balm has been carefully formulated to keep leather products in great condition, with a blend of beneficial oils to nourish the leather. The unique combination of Lanolin, Beeswax and Avocado Oil all combine to care for your leather and maintain its durability, suppleness and strength. The addition of the beeswax adds a slight water-repellent quality to the leather whilst also giving it a lovely glossy finish. Leather Balm is most suitable for use on smooth leather riding equipment but can also be used on motorcycle leathers, leather furniture, boots, gloves and clothing. This soft balm is easy to apply with a pleasant smell and leaves the leather with a glossy and supple finish. Effax Leather Balm can also help to increase tear resistance of the leather, making it stronger and more durable.