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Gold Label Soft Saddle Soap

Gold Label Soft Saddle Soap

Gold Label Saddle Soap is a unique soft glycerine based leather cleaner and conditioner. The soft texture of the soap makes it very easy to use.

Price: £4.68

Key features:

• Soft and easy to apply
• Effective cleaning and moisturising of leather work
• Kinder to hands and skin
• Can be used on all genuine leather items
• The soft formula allows for deeper penetration into the grain of the leather

Gold Label Soft Saddle Soap is very easy to apply, using a damp sponge or cloth, the formula effectively cleans and moisturises all leather items. The unique formula effectively cleans the leather deep into the grain, removing dirt and debris from the surface achieving better penetration with visible results.

Gold Label Soft Saddle Soap is Glycerine based; Glycerine nourishes the leather helping to restore its natural suppleness, replacing any lost moisture. The nourishing nature of the Glycerine helps to prevent your leather from becoming dry, brittle and cracking when used, keeping it in top condition and is kind to your skin too!

How to use:
Use the Soft Saddle Soap every time you clean your tack for great results, making sure you do it regularly to keep your tack in good condition. Work the saddle soap into the leather with a damp (well rung out) sponge or cloth, allowing the items treated to dry naturally. Once dry you can polish the leather using a dry cloth to create a brilliant shine and healthy supple leather.

Make sure you check the compatibility of the product with your leather item on a small concealed area before using all over.