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Global Herbs Diareeze

Global Herbs Firm Up

This herbal feed supplement is fast acting, and will help to soothe a horse's bowels, and encourage growth of "good bacteria". .

Price: £23.25

It is important as in all animals that a normal bowel movement should be maintained. If a horse is subject to a loose stool then it may be useful to consider supplementing his diet with Global Herbs Diareeze. It is a very efficient and natural way of soothing this problem. This herbal product has been thoroughly and scientifically tested and will get to work quickly. If you find that your horse is also subject to excessive wind then you may wish to try Clear out. It is very important to consult your vet in severe cases. This herbal product can be used if your horses gut produces a watery or loose dropping. It can sometimes occur when the grass becomes rich.

Directions for Use:
Introduce gradually to your horse.
Feed an average horse 2 level scoops two to three times daily as required.
A large horse can be fed 3 scoops, and a pony 1 scoop daily.
An average feeding rate is 20-30g per adult horse three times daily.

The blue scoop provided in the tub is 25ml which is approximately 12g or one level tablespoon is 10g approximately.