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Global Herbs Fenugreek

Global Herbs Fenugreek

Fenugreek is a supplement that will aid in digestion and help to build muscles.

Price: £8.50

• Whole seeds
• Aid in digestion
• Soothes the stomach
• Improves appetite
• Helps in weight gain
• Used for behavioural concerns
• Do not feed to pregnant mares

This herbal supplement from Global Herbs is made from the whole Fenugreek seed. It can be used for horses who are fussy eaters to help improve their appetite and so help them to gain weight. It will soothe the stomach and can also be used for horses with behavioural problems. It can often be found in human dishes for it health properties and pleasant sweet taste.

Instructions for use:
Feed 5g per 100kg bodyweight in adult horses, mix in with their normal feed once or twice daily.
Please note NOT to be fed to pregnant mares but can be safely used for geldings and stallions and is helpful in milk production once a foal has arrived.

1kg will last about 1 month.

Contents: Fenugreek Seeds

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