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Gold Label Mint

Gold Label Mint

This herb is developed as an appetiser for adding to a horse's feed which can be used to disguise medication or wormers.

Price: £6.40

Gold Label mint is made from pure pulverised Mint containing volatile oils which are soothing to the gastrointestinal tract. It will help to increase the palatability of food especially for those horses who are shy feeders and can be very useful when you need to give medication to your horse as it will disguise the smell and taste of the medication.

Analysis - Crude Oil nil, Crude Protein 19.3%, Crude Fibre 29.8%, Crude Ash 10.7%, Calcium 8462 ppm, Sodium 465 ppm, Phosphorous 687 ppm.

Feeding instructions Suitable for all horses and ponies, scatter a measure onto each feed morning and night.
One 600 g tub will last one months supply for 1 horse and two months supply for one pony.