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Lincoln Feed Bucket Cover

Lincoln Feed Bucket Cover

The Lincoln feed bucket cover is a practical cover for use on a conventional feed bucket, keeping feed fresher and uncontaminated.

Price: £4.80

Key features:
• Elasticated edges for stretch and fit
• Made from durable Nylon
• A range of colours available

The Lincoln Bucket cover is designed perfectly to be used on all standard feed buckets, with elasticated edges, it can stretch to fit and stay in place. The use of a feed bucket cover will help to keep feed free from contamination, fresher and also enables people to distinguish between different feeds. If you need to make a feed up prior to feeding then a feed bucket cover will come in very handy.

The range of colours can be great when different colours are used for various horses' feeds or to help distinguish between a morning and evening feed. The Nylon material ensures they are durable and can withstand everyday use.