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Tubtrugs Fabric Covers
Tubtrugs Fabric Covers
Tubtrugs Fabric Covers

Red Gorilla Fabric Tubcover

TubTrugs Fabric Cover is ideal for protecting the contents of your trug use it for horse feed, pet feed, laundry or just storage.

Price: £6.40

• Elasticated to fit.
• Nylon material.
• Slots for handles.
• Waterproof.

This is a useful TubTrug Fabric Cover to protect the contents of your trug. Ideal for using to protect the contents from contamination. The TubTrug cover fits snugly over the trug as it is elasticated and has slots for the handles and a flap that tucks down under the elastic for a tight fit.

Compatible with: Gorilla Tub Small Shallow 15L, Gorilla Tub Medium 26L, Gorilla Tub Large 38L, Shallow 15L Gorilla Tub, Tyre Rubber Small Feed Skip, Tyre Rubber Medium Feed Skip.