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Kanguro Skip S1
Kanguro Skip S1
Red Gorilla Tyre Rubber Feed Skip

Red Gorilla Tyre Rubber Feed Skip

Kanguro Skips are designed to withstand the demands of the agricultural environment, made from tough recycled tyre rubber to create durable rubber skips.

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• Handy rubber skips.
• Ideal for around the stables and farm
• Made from tough recycled tyre rubber
• UV and frost resistant
• Flexible and long lasting
• Suitable for feeding, water or mucking out
• Available in small and large sizes

Kanguro Skips are designed to withstand the demands of agricultural use, made from tough recycled tyre rubber making it more environmentally friendly, very strong and hard wearing. They are UV and frost resistant, able to cope with exposure to high temperatures, baking sunlight, frost, cold, wet and muddy conditions, as well farmyard chemicals on a daily basis.

These touch skips are safe to use for feeding and as water buckets for horses and livestock, with convenient carry handles making them easy to transport around the yard. They are naturally flexible and will not split or crack when stood on so can be safely left in the paddock with livestock. You could also use the Kanguro Skips for mucking out, as they are easy to transport and a handy size for things such as in the skipping out the lorry.

They are available in different sizes making them great for feeding, allowing you to find the best size for your horse and their feed requirements. The Kanguro Skips are easy to clean simply give them a regular scrub and wash down to remove any left over feed or dirt and bedding. If used for mucking out. If you are looking for a hard wearing flexible bucket that can cope with harsh conditions and regular demanding use, then the Kanguro Skip ticks all the boxes and more.
Material - 100% recycled tyre rubber

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