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Purina Bakers Complete Chicken
Purina Bakers Complete Chicken
Purina Bakers Complete Beef

Bakers Complete

Bakers complete dry dog food comes in a range of delicious meaty and poultry flavours, fully balanced to help your dog to live a happy and healthy life!

Price: £31.43

• Nutritionally complete
• Protein to maintain good condition
• Quality fibre for healthy digestion
• Essential levels of vitamin D, iron and minerals
• Delicious Meaty chunks and crunchy kibble
• Cereals - source of energy

Bakers complete dry dog food is 100% complete and balanced with all the essential vitamins and minerals your dog needs to live a happy and healthy life! Quality protein to maintain great condition and support muscles, with essential fibres to keep healthy digestion and help your dog get the best from their food.

The combination of delicious meaty chunks and irresistible crunchy kibble, will provide variety that your dog will love.

Daily feeding guidelines in grams per day:

Toy Dog (1-5kg): Feed between 35-155g per day.

Small Dog (5-10kg): Feed between 115-190g per day.

Medium Dog (10-25kg): Feed between 190-380g per day.

Large Dog (25-45kg): Feed between 380-590g per day.

Giant (45-70kg): Feed between 590-820g per day.

One half pint mug holds approximately 100g. The level of amounts should be adjusted according to the weather, your dogs activity's and physical condition. Should also be adjusted to keep your dog at a lean, healthy body weight.

Pedigree Vital Protection Adult

Pedigree Vital Protection Adult