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Pedigree Vital Protection Adult
Pedigree Vital Protection Adult
Pedigree Vital Protection Adult
Pedigree Vital Protect Adult Chicken
Pedigree Vital Protect Adult Beef
Pedigree Vital Protect Adult Lamb

Pedigree Vital Protection Adult

Pedigree Adult Vital Protection Dry Food is 100% complete with all the essential nutrition your dog needs to live a happy and healthy life!

Price: £24.98

• 100% complete and balanced
• Supports healthy digestion
• Essential oils - healthy skin and coat
• Promotes good oral health
• Immune system support
• No artificial colours or preservatives
• No added sugar
• Range of flavours available

The Pedigree Vital Protection has been carefully developed to provide adult dogs with all the nutrition the need whilst maintaining good oral health. The addition of natural fibres support healthy digestion, with quality protein that is gentle on your dog's stomach and will give them all the energy they need to have fun and enjoy life. Vitamin E is added to promote a strong immune system and keep your dog healthy, for overall vitality.

The textured kibble helps to keep teeth cleaner with an added active ingredient that helps to reduce the build of bacteria and promote good oral health. Pedigree Vital Protection contains no artificial colours or flavours and contains no added sugar, to ensure a healthy and nutritious food for your dog.

There are a range of flavours to choose from including Beef, Chicken and Lamb, to provide a tasty meal for your dog with variety.

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