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Equine America Airways Xtra Strength Powder 454g

Equine America Airways Xtra Strength Powder

A powder supplement which will aid respiratory health and promote clear breathing for your horse especially if due to dust allergies.

Price: £18.99

This powder supplement from Equine America has a powerful aroma, which will help to open the airways and ease the horse's breathing.

It is recommended to be added to a horses feed daily when they are having any respiratory problems, these are often caused by allergies to dust especially if a horse is stabled for long periods and affected by dusty hay or bedding. This product can be used for long term maintenance.

Feeding instructions:-
14gms daily with your horse's feed for an average 500kg horse measure included in tub.
454g tub will last an average horse 1 month. For animal use only.

Ingredients:- Dehydrated Alfalfa meal, Oil of Eucalyptus, Oil of Peppermint, Menthol, preserved with Ammonium Propionate.
Analysis:- Protein 10% , Fibre less than 1%, Oils and Fats less than 1%, Ash 2.60%.

Store in a cool dry place, and keep out of reach of children.