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Global Herbs Airway Plus Liquid

Global Herbs Airway Plus Liquid

Global Herbs AirwaysPlus is an herbal supplement formulated to soothe and clearairways in conditions where breathing is compromised, for all-round support.

Price: £31.50

o High quality herbal supplement
o Soothes airways and helps keep them clear
o Restores balance of micro-organisms in throat
o Fast acting - quick relief Ideal for stabled horses
o Support in a range of conditions
o Easy to use - dispensing measure bottle
o All-round support for breathing concerns

This is the liquid alternative to the AirwayPlus powder. It is an all-round breathing supplement for horses that are having difficulty with their airways, providing support in a wide range of conditions. AirwayPlus helps to keep the airways open and clear, whilst encouraging the correct levels of mucus production to allow easy breathing that isn't compromised. The unique herbal formula very effectively soothes the throat for overall breathing comfort whilst balancing essential micro-organisms in the throat. AirwaysPlus offers offers comprehensive support for airways, taking away the need to choose the correct supplement for any breathing concerns you may have about your horse with one that covers all
general airway problems. It is particularly beneficial for horses that are
stabled or in conditions known to irritate airways and affect breathing.
AirwaysPlus is available in a 1 litre bottle with an easy to dispense measuringtop, which allows you to give the correct dosage easily. Just squeeze the
bottle in an upright position which will push the liquid into the measuring topand read off the amount before adding it to your horses feed. It takes very
little time to work and provides fast acting relief, soothing the throat for
comfortable breathing and clear airways. Always seek advice from your Vet firstif you are concerned about your horse's breathing to check for serious
underlying problems. Composition Justicia adhatoda, Solanum xanthocarpum,Cedrusdeodar, Eucalyptus globulus. Average analysis Crude Protein - 0.10% Crude Ash -1.00% Crude Oils & Fats - 0.01% Crude Fibre - 0.01% Moisture Content - 99.0%