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Kevin Bacon Active Soap

Kevin Bacon Active Soap

Active Soap is the immediate solution for all problems of itchy skin, manes and tails. It uses 100% natural ingredients. 100g bar.

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This soap has been especially designed for an immediate solution to a horse with itchy skin, mane or tail. There are many irritants effecting a horse, especially in the summer months, flies, midges, horseflies to name a few. The effect can be varying from one horse to another, from simple irritation to sweet itch and stress.

Kevin Bacon's active soap is a bar soap made from plant oil, essential oils and extracts of plants. The soap is made in Belgium from 100% natural top quality ingredients.

The active soap is designed to work in two ways. Firstly to soothe the irritation with it's anti-itch properties and secondly to deter further parasite and fly irritation. Horses which are dirty especially if they have been sweating attract the irritants far more then clean dry animals. The soap not only cleans the horse leaving it less attractive to the insects but leaves a shiny coat and the formula has been shown to be effective against the irritants.

The soap comes packaged with a sponge, it's orange/brown colour comes from the clay, grass, leaf, petal and spice content. The soap is dried for 4-6 weeks during manufacture.

Firstly wet the horse or the area to be treated with warm water. Ensure good contact of the soap with the skin by lathering well. Then allow the soap to penetrate for 20-25 minutes. The horse can then be rinsed with warm water, but if the problem is more serious can be left without rinsing. Application should be daily while the horse is still suffering from irritation.