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Carr & Day & Martin Killitch

Killitch by Carr Day & Martin is a topical emulsion proven to prevent sweet itch when used before symptoms occur, and also useful to soothe irritation.

Price: From £25.50

Killitch contains the active ingredient Benzyl Benzoate 25% w/v and is licensed AVM-GSL as a UK authorised veterinary medicinal product.

This liquid is used topically on the horses skin for the treatment of sweet itch. When used early before symptoms of sweet itch occur can prevent it starting. Killitch can also be used to soothe and treat the areas of irritation and soreness caused by Sweetitch.

Killitch should be applied to all areas of skin affected, by rubbing in with fingers or a soft cloth as soon as signs of sweet itch appear and then follow up treatment for the remainder of the year when Sweetitch occurs (March - September) Initially 75ml of Killitch should be applied twice daily, then once daily and then 3-4 times a week as the irritation becomes controlled.

Ideally if your horse is prone to the sweet itch condition, application should be made in early spring to avoid the onset of sweet itch.

Rubber gloves should be worn when applying Killitch, and skin irritation can occur in sensitive individuals, hands should be washed thoroughly after use.

All areas of the horse being treated should be kept clean by shampooing weekly. Reapplying Killitch afterwards. Killitch should also be reapplied after a horse has sweated excessively to ensure protection.