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Gallagher XDI Offset Insulator 20cm

Gallagher XDI Offset Insulator

The Gallagher XDI Offset Insulator is a screw in electric fence insulator to be used on wooden fence posts to protect non-electrified fences.

Price: £17.20

• Robust offset insulator
• Suitable for cord and plastic wire
• Sits 18cm from the post
• Orange wear indicator
• Use with wooden fence posts
• No risk of short circuit
• 2 year product warranty
• Suitable for use with horses, cattle, sheep and deer
• Pack of 10

A robust offset insulator (18cm, 10 pcs) used to protect and electrify non-electric wooden post fences. This cleverly designed offset insulator guarantees no shorting and features a handy orange wear indicator to show when the insulator should be replaced. The insulator is suitable for cord and plastic wire and sits 18cm from the post.

Comes with a 2-year product warranty.