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Westgate Laboratories Worm Count Kit

Westgate Labs Worm Count Kit

This worm count kit from Westgate includes the full laboratory service.

Price: £12.88

A worm count is really a worm egg count (known as a faecal egg count. A small sample of dung is examined in the laboratory to find out how many worm eggs are present. Full instructions included. Price includes full laboratory service.

The aim is to keep the number low. A count of less than 200 eggs per gram is a low count. Between 200 and 1200 e.p.g. is a medium count, and above that level the count is considered high.

A worm count will help you to monitor the situation inside your horse. Of course it is impossible to know the level of worm burden carried by an individual without this check. Not only could your horse be carrying large numbers of worms, but he could also be contaminating the pasture by passing out large numbers of infective eggs, so worsening the problem.

A worm count will give you peace of mind over your worm control measures. Allowing you to deal with any problem in a knowledgeable way.