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Brinvale Wooden Hedgehog House

Brinvale Wooden Hedgehog House

This Wooden Hedgehog House is a solid attractive design made from FSC wood, making it secure and long lasting.

Price: £46.13

Hedgehogs have been in serious decline over the last 50 years, providing a safe habitat is a way of helping their numbers recover. This Hedgehog House will provide a luxury place for hibernation, with the added extra of an entrance tunnel it is also appropriate for nesting and raising Hoglets during the summer months. The detachable roof allows for easy cleaning and to enable inspection for occupants.

Hedgehogs like dense vegetation found in well established gardens. Position your new Hedgehog House in a safe and dry spot in the garden, preferably under bushes, a pile of leaves close to hand will provide warm bedding or part fill the house with leaves and cover with vegetation.
Hedgehogs hibernate between November and March, the solid timber construction provides insulation and protection from the elements.
When purchasing this house, you are also making a valuable contribution to Kew Royal Botanic Gardens who are providing vital work to restore and conserve the natural habitat of these animals.
This Wooden Hedgehog House comprises of three components, a box base, detachable roof and removable tunnel.
__________imensions: 14.8" (37.7cm) x 15" (39cm) x 12.3" (31.4cm)