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Harrisons Wild Bird Mix

Harrisons Wild Bird Mix

Help support your feathered friends all year round with this tasty and economical wild bird mix.

Price: From £3.49

Walter Harrison's wild bird mix is a great entry-level mix and can be fed all year round. This delicious mixture of seeds and grains, provides all the right nutrition wild birds need to thrive. The mix is fledgling safe and ideal for all season feeding as parent birds can feed it to their young in spring. Higher energy levels are needed at this time of year, when birds are busy breeding and there are more hungry mouths to feed.

This mix works best when fed either on the ground or a table and is guaranteed to attract a wide range of species to your garden, especially finches, tits and house sparrows.
Wild birds have greater energy requirements in autumn and winter when the temperature is cooler and natural resources are scarce, so by supplementing their diet you will better equip them to survive in harsher weather.

Ingredients - Wheat, Maize, Millet, Split Peas, Oats, Black Sunflower, Red Dari, Black Rape.

Feeding Tips:
Feed all year round to provide essential energy levels during cold winter months and throughout the breeding season in spring and summer when birds are busy and require additional calories and a reliable food source to support their young.

It is best to offer smaller amounts regularly, particularly during wet weather when conditions encourage the build up of bacteria. Remove any left over food and keep feeding areas clean.

Ensure feeding areas are kept clean. Always provide plenty of fresh clean drinking water.