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Korsteel Weymouth Loose Ring Bradoon

Korsteel Weymouth Loose Ring Bradoon

This horse bit usually makes up part of the bit for a double bridle. This bit has a single jointed mouthpiece and loose rings. Made from stainless steel.

Price: £14.99

The Weymouth Bradoon:
The Weymouth Bradoon is normally used in conjunction with a curb bit; also known as Weymouth, they are normally used for showing and dressage, worn with a double bridle as two pairs of cheek pieces are needed.
The Bradoon should be chosen as you would choose your snaffle as it needs to work the same i.e. if you ride in a loose ring French link snaffle it is no good choosing a single jointed eggbutt bradoon.
Weymouth's and bradoons should only be introduced when your horse is already going in a consistent contact. The bradoon in conjunction with the Weymouth should be 1/4 to 1/2 longer than the curb bit in order for them both to lie comfortably in the mouth.
The bradoon can also be used for ponies instead of a snaffle as the rings are smaller than those of a normal sized bit.

Single Jointed Bits:
The single joint puts pressure on the sides of the tongue, on the lips and on the bars due to the nutcracker action. The single jointed bits tend to have a head raising action so would be less suitable for animals with a high head carriage. Also they are not so suitable for horses with particularly large tongues because they have less room in the mouth for a single jointed bit as this pushes the bit nearer the roof of the mouth, also Arabs and alike may have a low palate, with both of these examples the nutcracker action may cause brushing of the roof of the mouth.