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Burns Weight Control Plus

Burns Weight Control+

Burns Weight Control+ has been specially formulated with higher fibre and lower fat to keep your dog satisfied as they reach and maintain good condition.

Price: £14.99

• Complete food for adult and senior dogs
• Whole grain oats - high in fibre
• Low fat recipe - weight management
• Hypo-allergenic formula
• Free from dairy, soya and wheat gluten
• Premium quality ingredients
• Nutrient dense - economical feeding
• Highly digestible
• Low GI - slow releasing energy
• Suitable for diabetic dogs

Burns Weight Control+ is a complete food suitable for adult and senior dogs that require a weight maintenance diet, including diabetic dogs. Only high quality ingredients are used to create Burns Weight Control+ with the addition of whole oats, which are naturally higher in fibre and lower in fat.

The whole oats help to keep your dog satisfied and provide optimum energy levels for weight maintenance, with a low GI making it suitable for diabetic dogs, at their ideal weight or over weight.

Burn Weight Control+ is hypo-allergenic and balanced with all essential vitamins and minerals, providing all the nutrients you dog needs for overall health. This wholesome dog food is suitable for both adult and senior dogs and contains no wheat gluten, soya, beef or dairy, the common ingredients associated with digestive sensitivities.

The higher levels of fibre help to promote healthy digestion, also keeping hungry dogs satisfied and helping healthy weight maintenance for dog's prone to weight gain. Burns Weight Control+ is made with wholesome ingredients, providing your dog with a naturally delicious meal everyday.