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Animalife Vetroflex Pet

Animalife Vetroflex Pet

Animalife Vetroflex Pet targets joint health, cartilage, synovial fluid, ligaments and tendons to keep your dog or cat in full mobility.

Price: £19.99

- Provides the building blocks (peptides) for the natural biosynthesis of joint cartilage.
- Offers rapid and maximal absorption.
- Supports dogs and cats that are prone to stiffness.
- Supports the body s natural ability to maintain joint, bone, ligament and connective tissue health.
- Supports the natural ageing process.
- Represents a unique and proven approach to managing joint health.
- Offers a safe form of support, which can be used long term.

Vetroflex Pet is a targeted supplement containing a completely natural proprietary peptide blend of hydrolysed collagen to support strong, flexible and healthy joints and bones. Vetroflex Pet has been scientifically formulated to help dogs and cats maintain supple movement and flexibility. Vetroflex Pet does not contain any NSAIDs and is safe to use on all dogs and cats.