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Neue Schule Verbindend

Neue Schule Verbindend

The Verbindend is a loose ring snaffle bit with a lozenge centre and has a deeper curve to the mouthpiece.

Price: £93.95

The Neue Schule bits are unique in design.This Verbindend bit has a deep curve which will emphasize the signals from the rider. It is a gentle bit that is readily acceptable to the horse through its smooth shape and metal that warms to the horse's mouth temperature quickly. The Salox Gold metal is made from a copper alloy which is highly conductive. The shape of the bit creates a channel for the tongue to lie comfortably and will help to eradicate tongue evasions. It will help the horse to relax through its jaw. The bit is dressage legal and will be an added benefit to a more experienced rider.

The Verbindend bit is available in a 12mm thickness with a 55mm ring, or a 16mm thickness and a 70mm ring.