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Carr Day And Martin Vanner & Prest Stockholm Hoof Tar

Carr & Day & Martin Vanner & Prest Stockholm Hoof Tar

Vanner & Prest Stockholm Hoof Tar will protect damaged areas of horse's hooves with a waterproof and antibacterial seal.

Price: £11.94

• Waterproof and antibacterial
• Creates immediate seal over damaged areas
• Natural vegetable tar to protect the hoof
• Maintains healthy frog, sole and hoof
• Thick formula - traditional application
• Ideal for protecting damaged hooves

Stockholm Hoof Tar is made from natural vegetable tar and Pine turpenes. The pine turpenes have antibacterial properties and combined with the tar will form a barrier which is waterproof, helping to maintain healthy hooves including the sole and frog. It is especially useful on damaged areas of the hoof, creating an immediate antibacterial seal that allows the hoof to heal and protects it from outside contaminants.

Ingredients: Stockholm tar, pine turpenes.

Apply directly to the hoof with a brush or spatula to the required area of the hoof. Protects immediately and then reapply as required.