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Harrisons Ultimate Energy No Mess

Harrisons Ultimate Energy No Mess

Harrisons Ultimate Energy No Mess is a husk free seed mix with added suet pellets and mealworms, creating an energy rich mix without mess or waste.

Price: From £7.00

• Husk free seed mix with peanut granules
• Added berry/fruit suet pellets and mealworms
• Energy rich mix
• Variety attractor
• 100% edible mix
• Premium quality ingredients
• Can be fed all year round
• Ideal for seed feeders, ground or table feeding

Harrisons Ultimate Energy No Mess husk free mix is naturally rich in energy, made with wholesome quality ingredients to provide a highly nutritious feed for all wild birds. The husk free ingredients help to ensure there is no mess or wasted food left over, for a 100% edible combination of seed, peanut granules, suet pellets and mealworms.

The addition of berry and fruit suet pellets as well as irresistible mealworms makes this the ultimate highly nutritious year round feed for you wild garden birds. It will attract a wide variety of species from the Chaffinch, House Sparrow, Blue tit and Greenfinch, to the rarer species such as the Goldfinch, Siskin or Dunnock when fed in the preferred way. You can offer Ultimate Energy No Mess in a traditional feeder or via a suitable ground or table feeding station to attract the widest variety of birds.

The Harrisons Ultimate Energy No Mess is rich in energy and can be fed all year round to provide birds with essential energy levels during busy periods, such as the breeding season or winter when birds require additional calories to stay warm. This highly nutritious mix is fledgling safe and contains only husk free ingredients making it very economical, creating no mess or waste.