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TopSpec Turbo

TopSpec Turbo

TopSpec Turbo is the ultimate high performance blend with 35% more digestible energy per kg than quality oats.

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TopSpec produce four very different blends to provide calories correctly balanced with protein. The best way to think of these blends is as sources of calories for work or condition. TopSpec Turbo and TopSpec Super Conditioning Flakes are the only TopSpec products that are formulated to include cereal grains. They both provide rapidly releasing energy but Turbo contains less protein than TopSpec Super Conditioning Flakes. TopSpec Cool Condition Cubes provide 'non-heating' but conditioning calories and are ideal for horses that need to focus on their jobs or are a bit sharp. Much less conditioning are TopSpec FibrePlus cubes which are low in calories and are suitable for good-doers or elderly horses that need their fibre ground and probably soaked.

All four blends are designed to be added to a TopSpec feed balancer or supplement and therefore contain no added vitamins or trace-elements. One of the ways in which they are superior to most straights however, is that they have been supplemented with major minerals. For example feeding TopSpec CoolCondition Cubes instead of cooked barley / sugar beet, to working horses reduces or eliminates the need to add salt.

This highly innovative muesli blend is the ultimate high performance feed with 35% more digestible energy per kg than quality oats. It consists of High-Oil Oat Flakes and Full-Fat Soya Flakes, with added limestone and salt. Rich in intracellular oil, and with no added liquid oil, the sweetened 'non-greasy' flakes are very palatable to optimize feed intake at peak performance levels.

Fed at 7kg/day, Turbo provides the equivalent of 750ml of Soya oil, eliminating the need for additional liquid oil.
TopSpec Turbo is designed to be fed with TopSpec Racing Feed Balancer or TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer. It has been formulated to replace traditional cereals e.g. oats or the energy component of ordinary cereal-based cubes/mixes where additional stamina or performance is... (click the more info tab for more)