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Thorowgood Tuff Stirrups

Thorowgood Tuff Stirrups

Made from a lightweight but tough polymer, Thorowgood Tuff Stirrups are designed to move with the rider's feet, for strong and practical stirrups!

Price: £14.95


• Non-rust finish - just sponge them clean
• Complete with sure-grip treads.
• Made from lightweight but tough polymer
• Designed to move with the riders feet
• Come complete with sure grip treads

Easy-care tack essentials made from materials that are lightweight and supple designed to coordinate with Thorowgood's range of saddles but equally as good with other brands.

Thorowgood Tuff Stirrups are made from a super lightweight but tough polymer finished in stylish black.

These durable stirrups are non-rust and simply sponge clean so no more scrubbing or polishing. Unlike heavy irons, they won't knock against your horse's sides or elbows and startle him. Thorowgood Tuff Stirrups come complete with sure-grip tread and are designed to move with your feet so they are harder to lose when riding.

Thorowgood equestrian equipment offers maximum comfort to the horse and rider, allowing both to move freely and ride with ease. As well as the excellence and comfort that we have come to expect from Thorowgood equestrian products, they are also exceptional value for money and great quality.