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Nettex Traditional Hoof Oil

Nettex Traditional Hoof Oil

Nettex Traditional Hoof Oil is ideal for everyday use, with antibacterial agent: the oil protects and nourishes the hooves.

Price: £12.55

• Everyday care for hooves
• Nourishes the hoof whilst still allowing it to breathe
• Non-spirit formulation
• Contains antibacterial agent to protect the hooves
• Produces a show ring healthy shine

Nettex Traditional hoof oil is a non-spirit formulation that allows the hoof to breathe, whilst balancing the moisture content, keeping them healthy and nourished. Ideal for everyday use to keep hooves healthy and to create a show ring shine.

As this traditional hoof oil contains an antibacterial agent it protects hooves from infections such as Thrush, helping to keep hooves healthy and in great condition.