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Nettex Poultry Mite Kill Spray

Nettex Total Mite Kill Aerosol Spray

Poultry Mite Kill Spray is specially formulated to kill common mites in poultry houses, arks, coops and outbuildings.

Price: From £14.15

• Insecticide aerosol spray
• Long-lasting, residual action continues to work after drying
• Kills common mites in poultry houses, arks, coops, hard and soft furnishings • Effective against house flies, lice, fleas, wasps, mosquitos and moths

Rapid knockdown insecticide in an aerosol format Kills mites in hard to reach areas of housing.

Directions for use:

Before application, remove birds, eggs, all feed and eating and drinking utensils, all bedding and clean the housing thoroughly.

Spray directly onto all surfaces, including the underside of the roof, taking particular care to spray in hard to reach areas cracks and crevices.

After application, thoroughly ventilate treated areas before animals are returned. Do not handle treated fabrics until dry, and air thoroughly before use.

For infestations apply initially, repeat 3 days later, then weekly for a month.
Thereafter use as part of your regular monthly cleaning routine to help deter infestations.

Use Nettex Total Mite Kill Spray as part of your Total Mite Kill Regime alongside Nettex Total Mite Kill Spray Ready To Use Solution.