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Nettex Poultry Total Mite Kill Power

Nettex Total Hygiene Powder

Total Hygiene Powder with Diatomaceous Earth is a natural mite control powder that can be applied directly onto all types of birds and poultry.

Price: £9.72

• Containing Diatomaceous Earth
• Naturally absorbent powder
• Discourages mites and crawling insects
• Suitable for organic farming and no egg withdrawal period necessary

A naturally absorbent powder that can be applied to birds. It has a high affinity for moisture and odour absorption to promote hygiene and dryness. The resultant environment discourages infestation by mites and crawling insects. Contains Diatomaceous Earth.

Use as part of your regular weekly cleaning routine to deter Pesky Pests

Directions: Apply in the nest box and on top of bedding as it is an effective way of applying powder to the hens underside when they set down to lay. Repeat weekly when cleaning out the house.
Total Hygiene powder may also be mixed with wood ash in the dust bath, which should be in a covered area of the run.