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Gold Label Three Oils

Gold Label Three Oils

Three Oils is a scientifically balanced blend of wheatgerm Oil, Cod Liver Oil and Evening Primrose Oil.

Price: From £11.10

Three Oils assists your horses joints, circulation, skin and coat condition.

Many horses that are on high grain diets, have joint problems, seem to have dull coats or even with allergic skin conditions, they are most likely to benefit from Three Oils.

Natural sources of Vitamins A, D, E, polysaturates, GLA and eicosenoic acid.

Helps maintain circulation, skin condition and joint mobility.

Ponies: one tablespoonful (15ml) daily.
Horses: two tablespoonfuls (30ml) daily.
Over 16.2hh: three tablespoonfuls (45ml) daily.
Arthritic and show dogs: one tablespoonful (5ml) daily.