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Lincoln The Ultimate Brush
Lincoln The Ultimate Brush
Lincoln The Ultimate Brush

Lincoln The Ultimate Brush

The Lincoln Ultimate Brush is lightweight and very versatile, ideal for use on all horses and ponies as well as a range of other handy jobs!

Price: From £7.49

• Pack of 3
• Lightweight
• Versatile
• Suitable for all horses and ponies
• Gentle on the skin and coat
• Can be used for bathing
• Removes hair from numnahs and rugs
• Effective at removing dirt, loose hair and dried sweat
• Machine washable

The Lincoln Ultimate brush is very handy and ideal to keep in the lorry, tack room and around the yard. It is great for a range of different purposes including removing hair from saddle pads, numnahs and rugs. You can use it when shampooing and bathing your horse, to get deep into the coat and lift unwanted dirt, dust and scurfy.

The Lincoln Ultimate Brush is gentle on the coat and suitable for all horses and ponies, removing loose hair and effectively lifting dirt from the coat. It is also effective at removing mud, dried on sweat and stubborn grass stains.

The thin and flexible bristles get deeper into the coat and trap the hair collecting it in neat clumps, which can be easily removed and make sweeping up a little easier.

The Lincoln Ultimate Brush is machine washable, making it easy to keep it clean ready for the next job!

Brush size (each brush) - 16.5cm x 6.5cm
Bristle length - 1.8cm