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Global Herbs TendonEaze

Global Herbs TendonEaze

Nutrition for tendons. An all round formula to help rebuild tendons, help improve circulation and soothe discomfort.

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Normal tendon function is extremely important to your horse. The combination of supplements below can help keep troublesome areas in good form and help the body repair itself more effectively.

Global Herbs TendonEaze is specifically designed to give an Ayurvedic approach to maintaining tendons in good working order. It provides the building blocks necessary for rebuilding tissue and helps soothe and calm areas at risk. It is antioxidant, provides minerals for growth and helps with nutritional support for circulation to all areas.

When to use TendonEaze
1. For routine nutrition for tendons at greater risk e.g. Jumping horses and those working on very rough ground.

2. For immediate support when you are worried about your horses tendons.

3. For nutritional support in conjunction with the work of your vet.

Directions for Use:
Feed 10g per 100kg in two divided feeds when horses are at risk or when recovering from trauma.