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Neue Schule Team-Up

Neue Schule Team Up

The Neue Schule Team up helps with the partnership with your horse. It is made from Salox Gold a metal that warms quickly making it more acceptable.

Price: £94.99

The Neue Schule range of bits are designed ergonomically and their curved shape and smooth material Salox Gold makes them readily acceptable to the horse. The metal is made from a copper alloy which quickly warms to the horse's mouth temperature, it aids salivation and acceptance. This Team Up bit is a gentle all-purpose training bit and will help to promote a consistent contact with your horse. It will help the horse to soften through his jaw and relax stretching down and lengthening most suitable for horse's with short tense necks.

There is a choice of 12 mm or 16mm thickness in the bit with a 70mm ring size.