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Westgate TS Studs

Stromsholm TS Studs

Ideal for use on firm ground, TS Studs have a strong tungsten core with a low 15mm length and square shape for improved grip.

Price: £6.14

• Ideal for use on firm ground
• Low 15mm length
• Pack of 4
• Square shape for enhanced grip
• Strong and durable Tungsten core
• Provides excellent grip without jarring

TS Studs are designed for use when showing, eventing or jumping. They have a strong tungsten core which makes them more durable. These TS Studs are the low type measuring 15mm in length, they have a square shape that gives good penetration and grip on the ground without jarring, and come in a handy pack of four.

Instructions for use:

Prepare the stud hole that your farrier will have made in your horses shoes by making sure the thread is clean, you can use a stud hole cleaner for this purpose, then screw in the stud using a spanner tap. It is advisable to keep stud holes plugged with cotton wool or to use stoppers in the stud holes when not in use, this will help to avoid small stones and debris building up in the hole making it difficult to attach studs when they are needed.