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Dodson & Horrell Suregrow

Dodson & Horrell Suregrow

Suregrow is a pelleted feed formulated to be fed to broodmares and stallions who a prone to weight gain.

Price: £25.64

• Helps to control weight gain
• Fully balances with essential vitamins and minerals
• Added Biotin and chelated zinc
• Nutrient dense
• Can be fed on its own or as a top up

This feed can be used in various ways making it very versatile. Suregrow is pelleted and can be fed on its own or to top up vitamins and mineral intake. It is particularly useful for those broodmares and stallions who tend to put on weight ensuring all the important vitamins and minerals are fed without excessive calories. A nutrient dense feed required by a breeding horse to develop a healthy foal. Biotin and chelated zinc are added for healthy hooves.